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This Policy was revised on June 18, 2017.

Web Sites Covered
Reference to  "We" or "Us" means GEI Webservices. Reference to "website" means  We have an about us section on our site where you can read more about our company, what we do and find out how to contact us.

Editorial Policy Changes
Minor changes to the policy may occur that will not affect the overall goals this policy is designed to achieve. When the policy changes in a way that significantly affects the way we handle editorial matters, we will clearly draw the attention of our users to the change. We will post policy changes on our website in a timely manner.

This Editorial Policy applies to You should read the editorial policy at each source organization to understand their individual editorial polices regarding their website. Links to each source are provided so you can leave our site and visit the source organization's website.

Editorial Policies
All City News Online is committed to providing you with balanced, accurate information from a variety of sources. All City News Online does not endorse any product, service or subscription from or to any or our source organizations. We have organized the operations of our website to provide for appropriate separation of areas of interest to our readers from an editorial perspective.

Sources of our Information
All material on our website is provided free of charge through the use of Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds.  All City News Online does not knowingly alter any editorial content obtained from content sources whose editorial processes we have evaluated and find to be acceptable. Material we create is written either by our staff writers or by writers whom we commission. Our content has been evaluated by in-house editorial staff and is reviewed for fair balance. In most cases, content we obtain from our sources has been reviewed by the sources editorial staff.  We only publish content from sources which we believe to be reputable news sources.

Linking to other sites
We provide company logos or links to other websites throughout our website. These logos and links are not intended to imply that we approve of or recommend these entities to readers. RSS feeds obtained from our sources is believed to be in compliance with policies and procedures which govern the use of RSS feeds from there respect website. We design our website with the goal of making it clear to you when you are leaving our websites for another website, so that you will know that another site's advertising, editorial policy, privacy policy, and terms of use are in effect.

Financial Information and Outside Influence
We do not rely on advertising and sponsorship, including banner advertising for the operation of this website.  We believe that our independence and impartiality is enhanced by not having any undo influence from outside sources regarding which content we provide on our website. We do not intend any links to other websites, logos, or marks of other companies, or any co-branding to constitute recommendations unless we specifically indicate that we recommend them.


We welcome any comments, questions, or complaints you have about this editorial policy or our Web site. Please feel free to contact us by sending an email to or use our "Email Us" form located in the lower left side of our website.



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