DETROIT -- Automakers and suppliers must make enhancing cybersecurity a key focus of their cultures if the connected, autonomous vehicles of the future are to be safe, the president of BlackBerry

DETROIT -- The auto industry is encountering a pivotal moment: It can slash pollution and traffic fatalities through production of electric and autonomous vehicles, said AutoNation Inc. CEO Mike Jackson.


DETROIT -- Volkswagen's U.S. recovery from the diesel emissions crisis has been possible in large part because the North American region is able to exercise some autonomy from corporate headquarters in

California and the Trump administration will hold a series of new talks over fuel efficiency rules as the auto industry still hopes for a deal to retain nationwide requirements.

Officials from

DETROIT -- Chevrolet will once again go for advertising gold at the Winter Olympic Games, but there is no word yet on the brand's plans for the Super Bowl.

Paul Edwards,

DETROIT -- For safety advocates, the promise of expedited accident-prevention technology doesn't justify relaxed standards.

Two days after Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao discussed the federal strategy to regulate autonomous vehicles at