The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino security guard hailed for being the first to confront Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock will give his first public account of the attack on Wednesday's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The FBI is helping authorities in Malta investigate a car bomb that killed a journalist who exposed the nation's ties to offshore tax havens through the leaked Panama Papers.

Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, 53, was killed Monday as she drove away from her home in the town of Mosta, on Malta's main island, said Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, according to The Associated Press.

X, the organization known as Google's "moonshot factory," announced Monday that is using drone technology to deliver burritos and over-the-counter medicines to rural communities in Australia.

Project Wing said is working in collaboration with communities and business partners in the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales to test out drone deliveries to rural communities, James Ryan Burgess, the co-lead of the project, wrote on X's company blog.

Iraqi Kurdish independence gamble backfires

Tuesday, 17 October 2017 14:09 Written by

In ongoing standoff following a referendum for an independent state separate from Iraq, Kurds in northwestern Iraq have suffered significant losses, including areas that supply much of the region's revenue.

On Sunday, Austria’s center-right People’s Party (ÖVP) won the parliamentary elections, putting its 31-year-old leader Sebastian Kurz on a track to become Chancellor of Austria and Europe’s youngest national leader.

Kurz, dubbed “wunderwuzzi” meaning “wonderkid,” called for a snap election back in May and announced his candidacy for chancellor in June in a bold gamble that he won when voters handed his party about 32 percent of the vote.

This week Beijing marks the opening of China’s most important political event: the 19th Communist Party Congress. This gathering, held every five years, brings together China’s top Communist Party members and the country's top leaders.